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Tiberias (Tabariyah) demonstrates the essence of vacations in the Holy land. In Tiberias, one can enjoy a variety of activities in a city that offers splendid opportunities to mix relaxation with nature, history with contemporary attractions, serene quiet with active water sports, and pilgrimage sites with unique tourist attractions.

Tiberias is located on the shores of Sea of Galilee, and it attracts thousands of tourists and travellers each year. Visitors discover a lively tourist city offering a variety of attractions and activities for every age. The city boasts 30 hotels including luxury hotels alongside bed and breakfasts and youth hostels. Most hotels are located on the beach and offer holiday-makers a real treat. Expansive lawns, a water park for the whole family, restaurants and bars, and extreme water sports are just samples of guest offerings.

There is also a variety of hotels in Tiberias's Old City near the lake and marina. The marina offers boat rides on Sea of Galilee as well as the opportunity to enjoy the sunsets. The romantic promenade stretches along the lakeside near the marina including many cafes and restaurants that specialize in freshwater fish straight from the lake.

From the Old City and the promenade, the central boardwalk extends up to downtown. The boardwalk is a lively commercial centre teeming with varied restaurants, cafes, overflowing pubs, ice cream parlours and souvenir shops. In the summer, the area is particularly crowded and bazaars are coupled with contemporary music. Near the boardwalk, colourful horse-drawn carriages offer visitors a somewhat different tour of Tiberias.

On the other side of the boardwalk is Tiberias's well-known fish market. The fishing industry is highly developed and dozens of fishing boats head onto the lake every morning, returning filled with fresh fish for sale at the local market. Close to the market one finds a popular falafel complex that draws thousands of hungry visitors seeking the hot, fresh, tasty morsels. Falafel stand owners will be happy to offer taste samples in the hopes you choose their food for your lunch.

Across from the falafel stands is a large municipal auditorium which hosts events, celebrations and concerts that are open to the public.